Comments on blogs and moderating the forums

<p>Lee<br> Thanks for sorting out the stray tags. &nbsp;&nbsp;<br><br>I think any of us who will be publishing blogs on the site will need to know how to go about allowing comments to be published. However, I can’t see an option to allow e-mail notifications of new comments. &nbsp; Any thoughts.<br> Also, am I right to assume that you are moderating the forums at the moment, while activity is minimal?</p>

<p>At the moment <a href="" title="Mollom website comment-spam protection">Mollom</a> is moderating things with regards to content and comment spam, with help from our subscriptions system which alerts me if anything slips thru. Scanning the subscriptions notification e-mails means we get notification of potentially dodgy site posts when they're posted (well, OK, admins get notified right away, councillors get a once-per-day digest e-mail of everything at once). There's a fine line to maintain between using comments to clarify a person's post for accuracy and truncating incoherent rants.</p> <p>As per notifications about comments, most content type (blogs, forums, events, etc.) can be subscribed to by anyone registered on the site. The default is that councillors, committee members and admins are notified once per day whenever someone posts a forum topic, comments on a forum topic or the original forum topic is updated. Further, admins get additional notifications, but as this is Robert and myself at the moment, I'll sort out with him how wide ranging this is.</p> <p>Councillors can also subscribe to be notified about other things that happen on the site (when other content is posted - blogs, events, FAQs, petitions, etc.) as well as when people comment on those or update them. Comments and content update notifications can also be turned off quite independently of notifications of the original content</p> <p>I know for some this may seem quite overwhelming, but it actually makes more sense if I can explain it to you at length - feel free to <a href="" title="Site contact form">e-mail me individually</a> and I can go into much more detail and break it down whilst keeping these posts on the Mgt Forum succinct.</p> <p>I hope this helps....</p>