Geological considerations for the route

As a result of rock fault lines having been identified only recently by CR2 in the area surrounding Tooting Broadway, the current consultation recommends that the South London CR2 station be located in Balham rather than at Tooting Broadway, so as to avoid drilling through the worst of these rock fault lines. A CR2 map of the approximate location of the three key rock fault lines – shown here – would indicate that a tunneled route from Clapham Junction via Streatham and in to Tooting Broadway from a south easterly direction would thereby circumnavigate the key rock fault lines as currently identified. This map also clearly indicates that any route recommendation by CR2 to run from Clapham Junction to Wimbledon via either just Balham or just Tooting Broadway would already incorporate a significantly curved route, so as to aim to avoid the worst of the rock fault lines. 

Image of map of south London geological fault lines