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To be able to cope with its growing population and given that Streatham is a prime area for young professionals to buy in (ranking above Tooting and Balham): transport in Streatham MUST be improved. Firstly existing rail services must be made to run properly. Currently the service from all 3 stations is appallingly bad. The number of complaints from aggrieved passengers simply does not match any remedial action being taken (if indeed there is any being taken at all- I have seen no evidence that it is). Secondly we need new infrastructure to give commuters alternative routes into central London to ease congestion on the existing -wholly unreliable - train services and the overcrowded buses running up and down the A23 to try to meet demand from the Streatham population to get on to a reliable train network i.e.The Tube. It's obvious what needs to change- we need CR2. I despair that no action is in fact being taken by the relevant authorities to make any improvements whatsoever.