Ninja knitters strike in Streatham!

<p> In the spirit of edgy localism, a group of ninja knitters has struck after nightfall on a Streatham road and have filmed their escapades in the face of a heightened police presence. In a guerilla action of postcode needlework they have challenged other, similar old-school groups to match their daring deeds and derring do!</p> <p> [video:]</p> <p> They also released a manifesto to the press re-iterating their challenge to local groups:</p> <p> &quot;<em>As many of you have noticed the ninja knitters have been active in the potters lane area recently, in fact so successful have their actions been a &quot;Knitted tag war&quot; has started with the Serendipitous stitchers from the other side of the tracks.</em><br /> <br /> <em>The Ninja knitters are a fluid group of like minded souls who, after many hours close study of such uplifting and enlightening texts as &ldquo;Woman&rsquo;s Weekly&rdquo; December 1972 edition and &ldquo;Women&rsquo;s own&rdquo; 1952- 57, realised that the only way to live a good, clean and just life was to take up the needles, not in anger but in love. We plan to make Streatham a warmer, more cuddly place by knitting it up in a fluffy cozy.<br /> Having launched our TOP SECRET project on the unsuspecting and heart warningly grateful public of SW16, we are in the advanced planning stages of the ULTRA TOP SECRET project. We are now actively recruiting for more followers to help with this new and ambitious project. You need to be able to knit, we don&#39;t care about things like style and neatness, and have you own needles.</em>&quot;</p> <p> There has been no comment from the Met or the Safer Neighbourhoods Team, but presumably they will at least have warmer hands when proceeding through the underpass on Potters Lane for the remainder of the winter weather.</p>