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Streatham Action Minutes 01.03.12

<p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>STREATHAM ACTION COMMITTEE MEETING MINUTES</strong></p> <p><strong>THURSDAY 1<sup>st</sup> March 2012</strong></p> <p><strong>Present:&nbsp; </strong></p> <p>Robert Doyle, Anna Godsiff, Lee Alley, Diana Dovero, Jonathan Bartley, Scott Ainslie, Clare Moore, Brian Bloice, Felicia Ansah, Ben Everitt, Lorna Cole, Jeremy Keates, Sue McGhie, Malika Bactawar, Sarah Coyte, Charlotte Evans, Cllr Brian Palmer, Cllr Roger Giess.</p> <p><strong>Apologies: </strong>Cllr Clive Bennett, Margaret Jarrett</p> <p><strong>Corrections to minutes:</strong></p> <p>1. OLF Round 2 bid &ndash; CM pointed out it that it was Scott Ainslie who reported that Streatham had won the OLF Round 2 bid, not Sarah Coyte.</p> <p><strong>Welcome &amp; Intro&rsquo;s</strong></p> <p>RD welcomed all to the meeting including Sue McGhie (local resident), Malika Bactawar (Friends of Woodfield), Cllr Roger Giess and Cllr Brian Palmer (Streatham St. Leonard&rsquo;s Ward Cllrs).</p> <p><strong>Matters Arising</strong></p> <p>1. VSD &ndash; DD confirmed that all outstanding invoices and payments have been received and made. &nbsp;</p> <p>2. OLF Fund: &nbsp;RD confirmed that Streatham has received the 2<sup>nd</sup> round funding. &nbsp;However, there are still discussions about the match funding side of things. &nbsp;Streatham Festival Association (SFA) have met with Sandra Roebuck (LBL Regeneration), Angelina Purcell (Streatham Town Centre Manager), Design for London and the Mayor&rsquo;s office who seem to be asking for a lot more from delivery partners before signing off officially on full payment.</p> <p>RD has already sent an email to Sandra Roebuck to find out what was going on and there should be confirmation at the end of this financial year. <strong>Action: RD </strong>to formally go back to Sandra Roebuck saying that as one of the key delivery partners for the 2<sup>nd</sup> round we are concerned about lack of progress on this.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>3. Football Academy / Trevor Elliot: &nbsp;AG spoke to Trevor regarding attendance at meetings &ndash; unfortunately he works most evenings but hopes to come to at least 2 of our 8 meetings.&nbsp; He regularly updates us on Facebook and keeps written records of attendees at each coaching session.</p> <p>4. Young People&rsquo;s Forum &ndash;Lorna and Felicia drew up a planning proposal and are calling the project &lsquo;Youth Allowed &ndash; Youth Aloud&rsquo; &ndash; there is a Facebook page and Twitter account and they have managed to secure an intern called Talika to assist them with the project. <strong>Action: LC, RD, LA </strong>to have a meeting to discuss and finalise proposal so LC can move things forward.</p> <p>5. Streatham Hill Councillors &ndash; CM commented that the area surrounding the Megabowl was becoming hazardous and grotty looking.&nbsp; Updates from Streatham Hill Cllrs regarding Megabowl and surgery at No.1 Palace Road would be gratefully received. Cllr Giess reported there are rumours that revised applications for the Megabowl are on their way.&nbsp; <strong>Action: RD</strong> to send letter to both developer and LBL Regeneration to update on progress.</p> <p>6. Knights Youth Centre &ndash; JB has been in touch with Stu Thompson who would be very keen to get involved with the Young Peoples Forum.&nbsp; <strong>Action: LC </strong>to liaise with Stu directly.</p> <p>7. Clapham Park Project: <strong>Action: RD</strong> to contact CPP to look at how we can improve relations with them in light of new development and proximity and impact on Streatham and its residents.</p> <p>8. Lambeth Planning Consultation List: RD reported that we are finally on planning council database list and have been receiving emails with planning applications.</p> <ul> <li> CM would like to know if Cllr Clyne did indeed put in a formal question about planning to the council.&nbsp; Cllr Giess said Cllr Clyne did mention this at a recent committee meeting. RD reported that there are also movements with LFN on pushing the planning question forward in the context of the Localism Bill. <strong>Action:</strong> <strong>RD </strong>to follow this up and make sure we are reaching the right people in planning.</li> </ul> <p>10. Tesco Development / Solar Panel roof: Scott Ainslie brought this up at the recent Tesco/Vinci hub meeting on 22<sup>nd</sup> Feb at Hideaway.&nbsp; It has been confirmed that there will NOT be any solar panels on the roof of the Hub.</p> <p>11. WI Quilting project proposal:&nbsp; AG and RD circulated the proposal.&nbsp; There was no dissent from committee so it has been agreed to fund them &pound;350.00 for their project.&nbsp; One issue raised from LA was that any political association be dropped from the design. RD agreed saying that our policy for any further funding must stipulate that we can&rsquo;t be associated with any political broadcasts.&nbsp; Streatham Action money has to be used in a politically neutral way.&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Agenda</strong></p> <ol> <li> <strong>Streatham St Leonard&rsquo;s Ward Councillors update: </strong></li> </ol> <p style="margin-left:36.0pt;">RD welcomed Cllr Giess and Cllr Palmer who gave us the following update on important developments or issues currently within their ward:</p> <ul> <li> Magdalen Estate on Drewstead Road: This was a council estate but now has a co-operative arrangement. &nbsp;Cllrs keen to look at how to settle the new primary school &ndash; Henry Cavendish (which has a &lsquo;sister&rsquo; primary school in Balham) into Streatham Community and the Estate Residents Association. &nbsp;Wonders if there is something Streatham Action could do to help develop relationships.&nbsp; <strong>Action: AG to add onto next month&rsquo;s agenda for further discussion </strong></li> <li> Woodfield: Large open space, which was occupied by Waldorf Steiner School.&nbsp; Owned by Wandsworth but sits within Lambeth&rsquo;s border so therefore becomes a Lambeth planning issue. Buildings have been removed bar a pavilion.&nbsp; Huge opportunities for the parkland.&nbsp; Malika Bactawar represents the newly formed <a href="">Friends of Woodfield Gardens</a>.</li> <li> Tooting Bec Common: Great resource for western side of Streatham but managed by Wandsworth.&nbsp; Early summer, police alerted to street vice &ndash; endemic.&nbsp; RD not actually sure if anyone from Streatham is on the Tooting Bec Advisory Committee.&nbsp; Given that this is who Wandsworth liaises with then SA need to look at how we link with them.&nbsp; <strong>Action: RD to investigate. </strong></li> <li> Streatham Green: Continual concerns over maintenance of Streatham Green and surrounding area. There is now the Friends of Streatham Green working group and Richard Coultart (Manager Manor Arms) owns the premises licence to hold events on here.&nbsp; The council are looking at possibility of having more events on here and some kind of market. There is also a feasibility study about the market and Angelina Purcell is following up on this.</li> <li> JB asked if there was any news on the proposed pavement over Babington Road? Cllr Palmer reported that discussions were underway.</li> <li> JB also commented on the complexity of crossing at Tooting Bec Gardens / St Leonard&rsquo;s junction.&nbsp; Meeting agreed this has always been a real issue. JB reported to the meeting that he had just heard back from TFL regarding the gradient of the road at Ambleside/St Leonard&rsquo;s and that he had filmed buses jumping the queue and narrowly missing kids crossing. There has been one fatality at this junction already but TFL told JB that there needed to be another fatality before they could enforce any change! Meeting all agreed that this was NOT acceptable.&nbsp; RD concerned this had been dropped by the Mayors office. <strong>Action: ALL / RD </strong>- anyone who has any information on this or similar incidents please sent to AG so RD can follow this up.</li> <li> Profile of Ward residents: There is a low proportion of social housing but high proportion of private rented housing. A key demographic is young articulate employed people who don&rsquo;t necessarily have a strong attachment to Streatham or in putting down roots in local community.&nbsp; There have been several attempts to get local residents to shop locally and see Streatham as a place to live.&nbsp; Cllrs felt any ideas Streatham Action could offer to support this would be gratefully received.</li> <li> Housing profile:&nbsp; There are a lot of house conversions in fairly rundown houses which drives high burglary rate.&nbsp; Conversions usually consist of 4 -6 flats so if you break into one you can get into all the others.&nbsp; Cllrs are already looking at initiatives around strengthening doors, locks etc. but would welcome Streatham Action&rsquo;s support on this.&nbsp; <strong>Action: AG add to agenda for next meeting. </strong></li> <li> High crime around Stations and along A23:&nbsp; Cllrs reported that there are lots of attacks and muggings around stations and along A23. RD reported we have avoided running a public meeting on crime and community safety &ndash; asked Cllrs if this approach would be helpful. &nbsp;Cllr Palmer thinks it would be helpful for people to get more information. Business community doesn&rsquo;t get a good feel for what is going on especially as we have now lost the dedicated A23 police team who patrolled the area.&nbsp; BE commented that Safer Neighbourhood teams (SNTs) are normally allocated to wards, although in practice they are tasked over &lsquo;clusters&rsquo; &ndash; shift patterns taken into accounts and hot spots can be dealt with at the right time. In practice Streatham itself is dealt with by one Sergeant as if it were one big Ward (not 4 wards). Issues in wards are usually the same and its usually the same people carrying out the crimes. Inspector covers the whole of the south and meets up with the SNTs regularly. BE requested that if we do complain about policing that we ask for more officers on the ground rather than focusing on the organisation.&nbsp; RD suggested that we organise something (not necessarily a Public Meeting) to address &lsquo;What does crime and community safety look like and who is working to change this?&rsquo; <strong>Action: AG add to agenda for next meeting </strong></li> <li> Streatham Hub:&nbsp; It is currently a big building site and local residents are reporting problems with vibration from the construction works.&nbsp; Cllr Giess has tried to liaise with Vinci/Tesco to encourage them to regularly talk to residents.&nbsp; They are clearly not holding enough public/residents meetings and whilst it is a building site there must be some kind of communication structure set up to deal with those residents who are immediately affected. RD commented that at the recent Vinci/Tesco meeting they were already proposing to up stakes on user stakeholders and good neighbourliness.&nbsp; Meeting agreed that Streatham Action should take on a stronger lead role in letting people know what is going on and keeping the pressure on Lambeth to act. <strong>Action: RD</strong> to send letter to Tesco &amp; Vinci and liaise with Angelina Purcell and draw up some notes to send out to residents on recent meeting.&nbsp; <strong>AG to add to next meeting agenda. </strong></li> <li> Other ward issues that are raised by residents:&nbsp; Built environments, shabbiness &amp; investment on High Road, parking, Control Parking Zones, street trees. <strong>Action: RD &amp; Streatham Action </strong>to look at ways of celebrating the look of Streatham.</li> <li> Community First Fund:&nbsp; Potentially if a Community First Fund panel is established then that ward would have &pound;33,910.00 over 3 years &ndash; matched by cash or in-kind donations across whole project (this can include volunteer time).&nbsp; Streatham Action has received a couple of applications for this fund &ndash; perhaps a little too prematurely at this stage. Meeting agreed that a Community First Fund Panel for St Leonard&rsquo;s Ward needs to be established first.&nbsp; This needs to be constituted. Streatham Action could act as umbrella to host but the panel would need to consist of Councillor and community representatives of the ward to secure the process.&nbsp; Deadline 31<sup>st</sup> March.&nbsp; Panel has to advertise more widely and the bidding process has to have credible match funding.&nbsp; RD agreed that Streatham Action would put &pound;150.00 plus communications to help launch this fund and look for panelists.&nbsp; Cllrs Giess and Palmer, Lee Alley, Ben Everitt and Malika Bactawar agreed to be the first of the panelists.&nbsp; <strong>Action: LA</strong> will lead on this and set up meeting with the above to get launch moving asap.</li> </ul> <ol> <li value="2"> <strong>Streatham Creative Network &ndash; Sue McGhie</strong></li> </ol> <p style="margin-left:18.0pt;">Streatham resident and artist Sue McGhie &ndash; moved to Streatham 2005.&nbsp; Involved in Ninja knitters, WI quilt project and Lambeth Open.&nbsp; Feels there is a creative buzz in Brixton, Dulwich and Crystal Palace and is keen for Streatham to have that same feel.&nbsp; Interested in setting up a Creative Network for Streatham and feels there must be more artists/creatives in Streatham but not sure how to go about finding them.&nbsp; Perhaps take over a shop and run workshops, display people&rsquo;s work.&nbsp; RD commented that one of our aims for this financial year (up to March 2012) was to set up a Creative Summit &ndash; this was put on back burner as we never had a champion to lead on it. OLF bid may lean on Streatham Festival Association (SFA) to look at this so maybe the best thing would be to link Sue up with SFA.&nbsp; <strong>Action: AG </strong>to send Sue -&nbsp; Bec Britain&rsquo;s (Festival Co-ordinator) contact details.&nbsp; <strong>Action: RD </strong>keen to know what a networking event would look like and will put on our next year&rsquo;s plans.</p> <p style="margin-left:35.45pt;"><strong>3.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; 8.00pm &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Community Audit &ndash; High Trees, Margaret Jarrett (Director)</strong></p> <p style="margin-left:35.45pt;">Apologies from Margaret Jarrett who due to illness was unable to make the meeting tonight. Margaret would like to extend start date to 19<sup>th</sup> March so she can have whole team in place which meeting agreed.&nbsp; SC suggested they should share their recently completed Tulse Hill audit with us so we can compare. &nbsp;Lessons learned from Tulse Hill process include the importance of the commissioning group taking the process seriously and providing as much data as possible at the start. Data to be captured: Voluntary and community sector groups&ndash; we are not actively seeking businesses but no one is ruled out. BE/LA &ndash; Sub team leading on this from Streatham Action with simple process being:</p> <ul> <li> find out what we know</li> <li> what else we know</li> <li> and then High Trees to tell us what we didn&rsquo;t know.</li> </ul> <p style="margin-left:71.45pt;">&nbsp;</p> <p style="margin-left:35.45pt;">They have compiled an initial database with a lot of data. <strong>Action: BE / ALL </strong>to send database to all committee &ndash; committee to send any updates, changes, further data to BE asap.&nbsp; <strong>Action: BE/LA </strong>to confirm meeting date with Margaret and High Trees team, handover the database and get contract signed before 19<sup>th</sup> March. &nbsp;AG has created contract of engagement, which BE/LA have.&nbsp; Sub team to report back at next meeting.</p> <p style="margin-left:35.45pt;">Charlotte Evans &ndash; Active Communities Team requested that we find a mutual way of sharing our data with the council&rsquo;s GIFTS system, which is slightly out of date now. &nbsp;<strong>Action: SC </strong>to send us their current GIFTS database in an acceptable form, which doesn&rsquo;t infringe on data protection. <strong>Action: BE/LA </strong>to look at system to support this and to liaise with High Trees to check they are happy that we may exchange their findings with Lambeth. &nbsp;</p> <p style="margin-left:35.45pt;">AG commented - How do we manage the data once captured?&nbsp; RD responded that this would depend on our own round 2 OLF bid -&nbsp; if this goes through we could look at investing in a tool to manage this.</p> <p><strong>4. &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; 4. &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; Charlotte Evans (Lambeth Active Communities Team)- Community Hub </strong></p> <p>CE stepping in for John Kerridge and Cllr Rachel Heywood who had been invited to tonight&rsquo;s meeting which clashed with a Libraries consultation event.&nbsp;&nbsp; 100 voluntary groups across borough in council premises, many of which which are in poor state of repair with little or no investment.&nbsp; Proposal is to prioritise the network of buildings to become Community Hubs &ndash; flexible spaces where communities and businesses can develop and deliver services and benefit from sharing resources.&nbsp; Potential buildings proposed in Streatham are Woodlawns/Streatham Darby &amp; Joan Club.&nbsp; In essence time for us all to be collaborating and making best use of resources available in order to create something new and deliver on our priorities.&nbsp; Lambeth have to make savings of over &pound;90 million over 4 years.&nbsp; Community groups may have interest in the principle of asset transfer for some Council-owned buildings.&nbsp; We should consider those groups not currently in spaces that are doing things in the community that don&rsquo;t have support or space to develop but might be interested in exploring the possibility with other groups.&nbsp; There are still a small number of existing occupants who refuse to entertain a lease or release their occupancy. Outcomes sought:</p> <ul> <li> Increase ownership</li> <li> Council not to have under its management buildings which host voluntary and community sector providers &ndash; the community takes on the premises and makes it sustainable with support.&nbsp;</li> <li> New ways of working &ndash; collaboration and seeking solutions.</li> <li> Facilitating and maximizing benefits and assets.</li> <li> Capital receipt received to enable reinvestment.</li> </ul> <p>Community assets transfer policy framework and guide is currently under review.</p> <p>There is a recommendation that we test the asset transfer process to make it easier and simpler for any groups with an interest in Council-owned buildings to move into locally managed arrangements.</p> <p>A number of libraries are noted. Consultation is currently underway about the future of the library service in Lambeth.</p> <p>Community Hubs consultation runs till 20<sup>th</sup> April.&nbsp; Information about buildings and the groups currently in occupation has been captured in a survey carried out on behalf of Lambeth by Community Matters. We will consider the impact on groups of changes to existing arrangements.&nbsp;</p> <p>What could a hub for Streatham look like?</p> <p>One model is a place where people can be signposted to local services and groups providing services can rent space.&nbsp;</p> <p>Woodlawns Centre is evolving from being &lsquo;the Streatham Darby and Joan Club&rsquo;, extending its use and making it sustainable.&nbsp; If Streatham Action is interested we could look at running a joint workshop style event to explore further possibilities for co-production of community hubs with them.</p> <p>How can the community find out about this consultation and options?&nbsp;</p> <p>GN commented that he was disappointed that the Palace Project on the Palace Road seems to have been forgotten as in many ways this could be a local community hub.&nbsp; GN pleased to hear about the concept of hubs and support of council &ndash; he would like to explore possibilities for the Palace Project, along with the building next door and some nearby empty Lambeth garages which could provide units for start up businesses for young entrepreneurs.</p> <p>RD commented that despite pledges that John Kerridge made about consultation of communities &ndash; not sure this has been made.&nbsp;</p> <p>What other community buildings are available in Streatham apart from Streatham Library, the Palace Project and Woodlawns?&nbsp; CE agreed that not many buildings on this list were situated in Streatham. GN added that the Palace Project had started as a TRA but is now a charity.</p> <p>Location is important for hubs, along with the principle shared resources in order to reduce overheads for individual organizations.&nbsp;</p> <p>What is your idea of a hub?</p> <p>Asset transfer of buildings - community organisation can bring in additional resources in the form of grants which are not available to the council. However the Council can provide support. It was questioned whether this is just a way of the council off-loading premises.&nbsp; CE responded that a proportion of the receipts will be set aside for reinvestment in the hubs and doing nothing is unacceptable to the community and the council.</p> <p>Do the buildings being considered as potential hubs have to be council owned?&nbsp;</p> <p>CE &ndash; the Council is considering that there might be more suitable buildings but that&rsquo;s what we need to hear and why consultation is so vital.</p> <p>RD commented that there may be properties which are occupied by less deserving groups who under &ndash;occupy and don&rsquo;t maintain them. Tough decisions need to be made to free up buildings that may be appropriate to be sold in order to reinvest in more suitable sites or existing stock.&nbsp;</p> <p>Consultation is currently taking place, with&nbsp; information being received from individuals and community groups. The council will then reflect on this before embarking on the next phase of co-production.&nbsp;</p> <p>Libraries &ndash; one of the Cabinet recommendations following the recent Libraries Commission is that Brixton Clapham and Streatham Libraries will offer a seven day a week service.</p> <p>Library Consultation is looking at the future of Lambeth Libraries: dates for Streatham local meetings are:</p> <p>Monday12<sup>th</sup> March &ndash; 2pm English Martyrs</p> <p>Wednesday 28<sup>th</sup> March Streatham Library &ndash; 7pm- 9pm.</p> <p>Key questions for the development of Community Hubs in Streatham are:&nbsp;</p> <p>Whether Woodlawns will work to support some development of organisations.</p> <p>Does it serve its purpose?</p> <p>Is there capacity to develop more?</p> <p>Cllr Giess commented that the focus on Woodlawns suggests that it becomes a more generic community hub.&nbsp; This would result in a big change to ethos and feel of the Centre.&nbsp;</p> <p>All agreed that Streatham desperately needs an enhanced Town Centre.</p> <p><strong>Action: RD</strong> &ndash; when there is an update from OLF we should consider arranging a wider public meeting to feed back.&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Action: CE</strong> to investigate and have update provided to Streatham Action.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>5. Community Improvement Districts (CIDs) &ndash; Jeremy Keates (LBL)</strong></p> <p>Business Improvement Districts &ndash; 150 BIDS in UK. Waterloo, Vauxhall and looking at feasibility of running this in Streatham.</p> <p>CIDs - Community Improvement Districts &ndash; concept was proposed on the idea of a BID for residents.&nbsp; This has been proposed by Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maud as an entity through which local groups and residents can run local services.&nbsp; It does not exist as a legal entity at the moment.&nbsp; There is o defined role for a CID but the emphasis on communities identifying priorities.&nbsp; A CID could be similar to a Parish Council (except Parish Councils have a more formal structure and a limited number of powers) but more informal.&nbsp; If we wanted to take this further then there is the opportunity to discuss this with the council.</p> <p>Meeting felt as if this is an addition to the Localism Bill, Big Society and that the CID offer was too big and not defined.&nbsp; RD noted that one of the criticisms of BIDs is that they have led on a business agenda therefore isolating the communities hence looking at CID as an option.&nbsp; Problems for Streatham as a whole, difficult to see where boundaries are drawn &ndash; it is not focused on a village with hall.&nbsp; We should explore the implications of the Localism Bill for Streatham.&nbsp; At next meeting get to grips with Localism acts &ndash; suggests we add this to the agenda of a future meeting. <strong>Action: AG</strong> to add to next Agenda.</p> <p style="margin-left:36.0pt;">6.&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <strong>Streatham Common Kite Day &ndash; 1<sup>st</sup> April 11am &ndash; 5pm.</strong>&nbsp; Streatham Action have been offered a free space in the community marquee. Meeting agreed that we should attend and repeat the successful Streatham mapping consultation.&nbsp; Agreed volunteers on the day: Clare Moore, Lorna Cole, Robert Doyle and Glen Neil.&nbsp; <strong>Action: RD </strong>to arrange schedule for the day. <strong>SC</strong> to arrange for map and board to be delivered to site and collected.</p> <p style="margin-left:36.0pt;">7. &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <strong>&lsquo;Talent at the Palace&rsquo;</strong> &ndash; this event has been rescheduled for Saturday 21<sup>st</sup> April.&nbsp;</p> <p style="margin-left:36.0pt;">5.00pm networking opportunity for Tulse Hill Forum/Streatham Action.&nbsp; 6.00pm &ndash; 8.00pm &ndash; Talent show with sing along at the end.</p> <p style="margin-left:36.0pt;">Meeting ended at 9.55pm</p> <p><strong>Next Meeting:</strong></p> <p>Thursday 12<sup>th</sup> April 2012 &nbsp;7.00pm</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>