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Streatham Action Minutes 19.01.12

<p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>STREATHAM ACTION COMMITTEE MEETING MINUTES</strong></p> <p><strong>Streatham Business Centre, Thursday 19<sup>th</sup> January 2012.</strong></p> <p><strong>Present:</strong> Lee Alley (Chair), Anna Godsiff (Mins), Diana Dovero (Treasurer), Clare Moore, Sarah Coyte, Scott Ainslie, Felicia Ansah, Lorna Cole, Glen Neil.</p> <p>Cllr Jeremy Clyne, Cllr Kita Ogden</p> <p><strong>Not heard from:</strong> Trevor Elliot</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Apologies:</strong> Robert Doyle, Jonathan Bartley, Ben Everitt, Brian Bloice, and Cllr Ashley Lumsden.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <ol> <li> Welcome &amp; Intros</li> </ol> <p>Lee Alley (Vice Chair) stepping in for Robert Doyle (Chair) who has had a family bereavement. Meeting welcomed Cllr Kita Ogden, Cllr Jeremy Clyne from Streatham Hill Ward.</p> <ol> <li value="2"> Corrections &amp; mins signed off</li> </ol> <ul> <li> Clare Moore - FOSG meeting in AOB was slightly miscommunicated.&nbsp; Angelina Purcell had commented at FOSG meeting that she felt, with the removal of A23 team, there had been an increase in crime in that area.&nbsp; Clare Moore raised this at the December CPCG meeting as it was linked to separation of policing groups.&nbsp; 7 officers have been removed from post, not 7 commanders.&nbsp; The outgoing Borough Commander is aware of this increase and would raise this with new Borough Commander Matt Bell.&nbsp; Robert Doyle at last committee meeting felt that perhaps other officers could be extracted from adjacent groups so High Road not neglected.&nbsp; Cllr Ogden mentioned that this was also raised at the January CPCG meeting as well, which the new borough Commander would look into.</li> <li> LA: WRT Safer Neighbourhoods teams are taking on the A23 team duties (as the A23 team was disbanded <em>over a year ago</em>!!).&nbsp; The Safer Neighbourhoods Panel Chairs agreed with the Streatham/South Lambeth Safer Neighbourhoods Inspector more than 3 years ago to approve cross-ward participation by the personnel from the various Safer Neighbourhoods Teams when cross border operations required this. &nbsp;</li> </ul> <p>3.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Matters Arising</p> <ul> <li> Volunteer Speed Dating event finances: <strong>Action: DD</strong> still to finalise this &ndash; still waiting on 10% payment from Lambeth. LA delivered Woodlawns invoice to DD. <strong>Action: SC </strong>to chase this up.&nbsp; Waiting on Strudel Design invoice &ndash; <strong>Action: AG</strong> to chase this up.</li> <li> OLF Round 2 bid &ndash; AG distributed this to the full committee.&nbsp; LA reported that Balham has received a positive bid for &pound;1.2m.&nbsp; SC reported that Streatham&rsquo;s bid apparently had also been won but there were match-funding issues to be clarified before official announcement will be made.</li> <li> Football Academy updates from Trevor.&nbsp; AG followed this up. Trevor posts regular updates on Facebook and Twitter and has submitted registers of attendance to AG.&nbsp; <strong>Action: AG</strong> to chase Trevor regarding attendance at committee meetings.</li> <li> Mid Term Review &ndash; still outstanding for LFN. &nbsp;<strong>Action: AG/DD</strong> to finalise with SC.</li> <li> Community Audit Tender &ndash; proposal from High Trees Community Development Trust. &nbsp;AG / RD drew up a second proposal with a slightly reduced fee of &pound;2k and new timings with a 10 week timeline starting early Feb &ndash; 13<sup>th</sup> April 2012. AG not managed to liaise with High Trees regarding new proposals.&nbsp; <strong>Action: AG </strong>to continue liaison with High Trees and report back to committee. <strong>Action: LA/BE </strong>to finalise SA database ready for High Trees if new proposal accepted.</li> <li> Young People&rsquo;s Research Project &ndash; LC is looking for people to support her on this project, which explores the potential of setting up a youth forum.&nbsp; Any information on how to reach young people would be helpful.&nbsp; We can offer them a voice, leadership opportunities, internship. FA agreed to work alongside LC.&nbsp; SC would be happy to share her experiences with LC.&nbsp; LC also put call out to youth groups. <strong>Action:</strong> <strong>AG </strong>to send proposal to committee again. Football Academy &ndash; Trevor Elliot update.</li> </ul> <ol> <li value="3"> Streatham Hill Ward Councillors&nbsp;&ndash; Cllrs Clyne &amp; Ogden gave us an update on Streatham Hill and its developments.</li> </ol> <ul> <li> Megabowl &ndash; in the hands of the developers.&nbsp; They are looking at revising the scheme but possibly changing proportions of residential, retail and parking.&nbsp; Cllr Clyne pressed for enlarging community theatre through the OLF bid but this money was allocated to a possible feasibility study if the bid is successful.&nbsp; LA updated meeting that developers have landed a single retailer &ndash; terms not agreed yet.&nbsp; Retailer unknown.&nbsp; Cllrs mentioned that there would be an opportunity for another consultation if they do change plans, as it would have to go before the planning committee again.</li> <li> 1 Palace Road &ndash; old derelict house.&nbsp; Developer bought land and applied for permission to knock it all down for flats.&nbsp; This was turned down, developer looking for alternative things to do so they approached Palace Road Doctor&rsquo;s Surgery.&nbsp; They are interested in moving in with flats above it. What then happens to Doctor&rsquo;s Surgery house? Ongoing discussions and Cllrs will continue to update us on developments.</li> <li> Wavertree Garages &ndash; behind Streatham Hill Health Centre between Wavertree and Wyatt Park Road is Wavertree Court.&nbsp; 80 garages all falling into disrepair.&nbsp; Developer now got permission to build 12 units &ndash; 6 x 6 bed houses and 6 flats.&nbsp; There will be a loss of parking which will add to Streatham&rsquo;s existing transport issues. Not fully signed off but looks like this will go ahead.&nbsp; Cllrs to keep us updated.&nbsp; <u>Update is that the decision has now been issued, will let you know the terms of the S106 planning agreement.</u></li> <li> Lambeth Forum Network (LFN).&nbsp; Cllr Ogden noted that of all the forums in LFN, the monies we, Streatham Action received were a little low in comparison to other Forums.&nbsp; Given that we represent 4 wards whilst others only represent 1or 2 wards, and the diversity of Streatham as a whole, Cllr Ogden felt that we should aim to have a larger slice of the money next time.&nbsp; LA expressed that we are one of the newer forums and that our bidding has been going up year on year.&nbsp; DD commented that even if we do get more money, there is a lack of manpower to deliver projects so we have to strike a balance.&nbsp; SC clarified that Streatham Action is part of LFN and that each Forum bids to the LFN for what monies they would like, which the network collectively agrees to or not.</li> <li> ABC avenues (Amesbury, Barcombe, Cricklade) &ndash; Lighting issues.&nbsp; Cllr Clyne managed to get council to clean some of the lights but still needs better lighting in that area. There are wide roads; and more lights are needed to light the road to help prevent potential crimes and muggings, which are prevalent.</li> <li> Blairderry development &ndash; next to Streatham Hill Theatre.&nbsp; Turned down by planning on the grounds of loss of commercial space and parking issues amongst others.</li> <li> Boundary concerns &ndash; Cllr Ogden lives in Streatham but believes where she lives people feel they are more likely to associate themselves with Tulse Hill. SC added that Tulse Hill Forum looking at the boundaries issues at their next meeting, recognizing that for some people ward boundaries can feel artificial. They hope to adopt a working constitution and to invite councilors from wards adjoining Tulse Hill on a rotational basis.&nbsp; She feels we are so closely linked that we shouldn&rsquo;t work on boundaries alone.&nbsp; The upcoming Palace event we hope will offer a step in helping to change this.</li> <li> Housing and the disrepair of council&rsquo;s housing stock is a big issue for Streatham.&nbsp; There is a lot of social housing in Streatham (Leigham Court Estate, Claremont East, Claremont West, Palace Estate etc.), which is often neglected. Cllrs are looking into this and keep us updated.</li> </ul> <ol> <li value="4"> Community First Fund (St Leonard&#39;s Ward):</li> </ol> <p>The &pound;80 million <strong>Community First Fund</strong> will provide small grants to community groups and local social action projects in England.</p> <p>The funding is being administered via two strands: &pound;30 million (over 4 years) <strong>Neighbourhood Matched Fund</strong> &amp; &pound;50 million <strong>Endowment Match Challenge</strong> (from my reading this will not be running until after March 2015). The programme is intended to help communities come together through new and existing community groups, to identify their strengths and local priorities, plan for their future and become more resilient.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The Neighbourhood Matched Fund will provide small grants for some of the most deprived areas in the country while the Endowment Match Challenge will be available nationally (in 2015) and will match private donations invested in community endowment funds to pay out money for small grants.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Next Steps -</strong> Only 3 wards in Lambeth are eligible (Coldharbour, St. Leonard&rsquo;s and Thurlow Park) and each has &pound;33,910 available in total for grants over 4 years. (Total for borough: &pound;101,730 over 4 years.) To access this, local people in each area have to set up a panel to draw down the funds. Every pound provided also has to be matched by cash or in-kind donations. There is only limited support from CDF for this (phone line).</p> <p>St Leonard&rsquo;s contains two super output areas with significant indices of deprivation, hence being one of the 3 highlighted wards. SC reminded us that the match funding could be in kind, not just cash.&nbsp; Meeting discussed various options including supporting Re-powering Streatham.&nbsp; <strong>Action: LA / Scott </strong>to lead on this and initially liaise with St Leonard&rsquo;s Cllrs to come up with ideas.&nbsp; <strong>Action: </strong>SC to go back to the Community First Fund to say we are interested by end of this month.</p> <p>6.&nbsp; Knights Youth Centre &ndash; JB has sent Stu Thompson an email but not heard back from him.&nbsp; <strong>Action: JB</strong> to chase up Knights, SYCT and Palace Road and report back at next meeting.&nbsp; LA suggested discussion on wider effect of Clapham Park Project and for Streatham Hill &amp; it&rsquo;s residents to be taken forward to next months meeting.</p> <p>Cllr Clyne added that there was a cross over of boundary issues with Clapham Park Forum.&nbsp; We should be aware of the massive development taking place in this and the impact of larger population and what affects it will have on Streatham.&nbsp; Due to current funding climate, housing market, banks etc. they are having to cut back on promises and possibly cut back on section 106 money for education and youth facilities.&nbsp; SC added that Clapham Park Project who host the Neighbourhood Forum, would like to have a public engagement meeting to get Clapham Park Homes to give an update on this.&nbsp; Clapham Park Project is now a charity following the completion of the New Deal for Communities (NDC) programme and Clapham Park Homes is the landlord.</p> <p>7. Community Hub in Streatham.&nbsp; SC through conversations with LFN, some forums are interested in the idea of community hubs (virtual or places).&nbsp; John Kerridge is leading on this and his recent paper highlighted that Woodlawns could be community hub for Streatham.&nbsp; SC suggested that ideas for community hubs included one-stop shops of council services, places for co-location of businesses and community groups, but that there were also opportunities for co-production with local communities. Meeting agreed that rather than holding a public meeting, first steps would be to discuss this further with Cllr Rachel Heywood and John Kerridge for clarify what a Community Hub is or why we should have one. <strong>Action: SC</strong> to invite Cllr Heywood and John Kerridge to next meeting on 1<sup>st</sup> March.</p> <p>8. Council Planning &ndash; lack of consultation.&nbsp; Scott asked how are the community and Streatham Action consulted on private planning?&nbsp; Cllr Clyne mentioned that planning officers never consult us and indeed haven&rsquo;t heard of us.&nbsp; They still consult the now defunct Streatham Association plus Streatham Society and the TRAs but never Streatham Action.&nbsp; Therefore we are never informed of any planning applications.&nbsp; Cllr Clyne has mentioned this several times to the Planning team to no avail. Meeting agreed that it was imperative that they should consult us before any planning decisions are made.&nbsp; <strong>Action: Cllr Clyne</strong> to take to council with a possible members question to cabinet.&nbsp; <strong>Action: LA</strong> to write to Sue Foster head of Housing Regeneration.</p> <p>9. &nbsp; AOB</p> <ol> <li> Safety around Palace Project.&nbsp; Glen Neil informed us that the Palace Project and surrounding area has become very neglected. SNTs seem to be there less and less, which has left rise to a lot of concerns in the area and a rise in gangs. &nbsp;There was an attempted break in the other day and Glen and his team are often subjected to abuse in some way.&nbsp; To tackle this Glen suggested:</li> </ol> <ul> <li> First and foremost the police need to acknowledge that Palace Road and Streatham does have a gang problem.&nbsp;</li> <li> Secondly, they need to create a strategy for SNT to be more visible</li> <li> Thirdly, stop playing party politics and look at uniting and acting like a community and not let boundaries become an excuse.</li> </ul> <p>LA commented that new Borough Commander is keen on enforcement methods that would have an discernible effect on &lsquo;gang&rsquo; activities and there would be some positive action taken shortly to combat this. Cllr Clyne commented that he had been unaware that the Palace area was so unsafe and would certainly raise this with the panel.&nbsp; Cllr Clyne continued suggested that a new door system was needed and perhaps Streatham Action could support them in achieving this by approaching Lambeth Housing / Lambeth Living to support Palace Road. Glen added they were looking to become Palace Trust as their lease ran out 8 months ago and they are in negotiation with council about taking over No.5 Palace Road as well to turn into a teaching / education Centre.&nbsp; <strong>Action: LA </strong>to draft a letter of support to Lambeth Housing/Living.</p> <p>Cllr Ogden gave us an update on Council&rsquo;s Gang strategy. There is a new cross borough gangs group within Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark.&nbsp; Donna Sinclair from Options for Change is running this.&nbsp; Their second meeting took place last week and the Borough Commander Bell attended and they are very aware of the growing gang culture. <strong>Action: Cllr Ogden</strong> will send us the updates on how this progresses.&nbsp;&nbsp; GN suggested we get the Borough Commander to speak to the Palace Project directly to create a strategy on how to deal with this so that there is a known system in place.&nbsp; LA suggested in future to always calling 999 so that all incidents are reported. GN commented that you have to draw the line somewhere; you can&rsquo;t keep calling the police because you are arresting your own community, there aren&rsquo;t the resources their to back up the system and there is a reluctance to call due to intimidation.</p> <p>She commented that communities don&rsquo;t work on political boundaries and that it has to be about uniting communities.</p> <ol> <li value="2"> Funding &ndash; Lambeth Festivals Fund - small grants, larger grants.&nbsp; Deadline 2<sup>nd</sup> March.&nbsp; <strong>Action: AG </strong>to circulate information.</li> </ol> <p>&nbsp;</p> <ol> <li value="3"> Palace Road event &ndash; FA attended the Tulse Hill event sub group meeting today on behalf of Streatham Action which SC also attended.&nbsp; After last attempt to host event, GN reported the Palace Project had learnt a lot.&nbsp; This time they would like to put on a family variety event, invite the community to audition to take part.&nbsp; Date tbc in April 2012. Timing 6pm &ndash; 9pm.&nbsp; Possibly serving food tbc.&nbsp; Tulse Hill would possibly like to hold their AGM on the same night if Streatham Action were in agreement.&nbsp; Given our discussions on boundary issues and uniting the community, the meeting unanimously agreed to this.&nbsp; AG stressed that this event should be a celebration of cross Forums and an opportunity to consult residents using mapping exercise and get contact data from residents. Event should have joint advertising and be jointly signed off at all stages.&nbsp; FA to continue to sit on meetings to represent SA.</li> </ol> <ol> <li value="4"> Hub Development &ndash; solar panels.&nbsp; Scott Ainslie asked about plans for the flat roofed hub to have solar panels.&nbsp; LA commented that Andrew Boyle, Tesco&rsquo;s Project Manager had said they are doing some green initiatives. Cllr Clyne said you can look at their detailed plans on Lambeth Planning database - <a href="">&nbsp;<strong>Lambeth&#39;s Public Access for Planning website</strong></a>. The first application [reference 11/04200/DET] is for changes to the materials/appearance of the whole &ldquo;Streatham Hub&rdquo; development since the scheme was first&nbsp;approved.&nbsp;&nbsp;<strong>Action: LA</strong> to follow up for next meeting.</li> </ol> <ol> <li value="5"> Streatham WI funding request: SC spoke to Bridged Hall about Streatham WI&rsquo;s quilting project and linking in with Fion Gunn&rsquo;s sewing group and Somali group. &nbsp;<strong>Action: SC</strong> to send them the relevant bid form, for discussion at next meeting.</li> </ol> <p><strong>Next Meeting:</strong></p> <p>Thursday 1st March at 7.00pm Streatham Business Centre with Streatham St. Leonard&#39;s Ward Councillors</p> <p><strong>Action: AG</strong> to invite Streatham St Leonard&rsquo;s Ward Councillors to next meeting</p>

<p>On the Lambeth Council page is some detail about our winning bid for some money from the Outer London Fund:</p> <p></p> <p>£375k for Streatham, and £310k for West Norwood. That's very disappointing, considering that Balham received £1.2m. I would like to know from our council why the discrepancy - was it because we were not ambitious enough on our proposal?</p>

<p>Streatham received &pound;375k in the 1st round of hte Outer Lndon Fund (OLF1) and &pound;1.6m in Round 2 (OLF2). Balham received none in OLF1 and &pound;1.2m in OLF2.</p> <p>I hope that clarifies&nbsp; the Outer London Fund situation for you.</p>