Sustainable Streatham launched!

Hi all and welcome to the Sustainable Streatham forum. As per the <a href="" title="Homepage for the Sustainable Streatham Group">Sustainable Streatham Homepage</a> we launched Sustainable Streatham last night at <a href="" title="Managed, serviced offices at the Streatham Business Centre, 1 Empire Mews, Streatham">The Venue Room at the Streatham Business Centre</a> with a showing of the film "The Age of Stupid". This was followed by a discussion amongst the interested group that stayed around afterwards and bought up some very interesting points. Prior to the film Jonathan Leake of the Sunday Times gave a speech on climate change and how this could affect Streatham. His speech is attached as a pdf file below and has been <a href="" title="Jonathan Leake speech at the Streatham Festival 2009">posted as a web page</a> as well and the figures he quoted can be found a the Met website here: Have a read and please do feel free to post on related topics or comment on it below.
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<p>A big thank you to the event organised last night around the screening of 'age of stupid'. Looking forward to taking positive local action at the follow up meeting tonight at the Wholefood cafe. It occurred to me that perhaps we need to share information on some of the events/lobby groups that have already been set up - so that we can add our support to those. Here's a few links I have joined: Join the mailing list for the film: Join the Not Stupid Campaign: other links: sign the Copenhagen petition: There was a guy in the discussion who mentioned a direct action event outside the houses of parliament. Can you tell me how I get in touch with them, please... This is just the start. Please send to all your friends. Thank you Scott</p>
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Turns out a good friend of mine is part of this group that is holding the 'alternative parliament' on Wednesday 15th July at 6pm: