Tesco Petition

Love the website - well done Lee! Sorry I've not been to it before. At the Committee meeting we talked about putiing a Tesco petition online in advance of the public meeting. Can this be done easily? (Apologies if it has been already but I couldn't see it). I would suggest wording along the lines of "We the undersigned call on Tesco on keep to their side of the agreement and start work on delivering the new ice rink and leisure centre as part of the Streatham Hub which includes their superstore. The people of Streatham have waited to long for these much needed leisure facilities." Happy for any ammendments. Once agreed and up online I'd also be happy to start collecting signatures on a paper version too. John

Thank you for the comments, John. It's been a hellaciously busy week but am attending to a bit of admin today. I'll take the petition software live as soon as I've tested it well. Also the JD for the committee admin person is going up tonite too.