Friends of Hillside Garden and Palace Road Nature Garden

The Friends of Hillside Gardens Park is an unincorporated voluntary organisation run on a not-for-profit basis. The Friends was formed after a public meeting in June 2000. The membership list comprises 165 names and addresses. About 20 people are active on the management committee. The friends aim to protect and improve, promote and enjoy Hillside Gardens Park and Palace Road Nature Garden: to benefit the environment and to provide facilities for the recreation, sport and education of our members, the local community and the general public. Our mission is to make Hillside Gardens Park and the Nature Garden places the whole community can be proud of.

Jesse Scharf

FREE Ecological Tour

Ecological Tour (29th of September, 12pm)

An ecological tour in the wonderful Hill Side Gardens Park 

Want to learn about the trees, plans, and the diversity in our wonderful Hillside Gardens Park alongside other nice people?

Then come along on  Saturday the 29th to the outside gym at noon.

Free! Fun! Learning! Everyone welcome! Let's hope the weather behaves.