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Planning Group

Lambeth Planning Applications Committee voted to approve a controversial plan for a huge and densely packed development with a 14-storey tower on the Homebase site in Streatham Vale.

Streatham Action supports local community in its request for GLA call-in for review by the mayor’s office. 

This development contravenes Lambeth local plan, including for tall buildings, ruining the protected view from Streatham Common and several other planning policies - and it sets a precedent for further dense, high-rise development in Streatham.

The community wants appropriate housing on the site that provide good quality and sustainable homes for future generations.

Streatham Action planning forum will be scrutinising this decision and its implications, and hopes to develop a series of workshops for community discussion around the future development of Streatham and how community can influence decisions that result in better decisions by Lambeth’s PAC.

Lambeth Planning Ref: 22/00300/FUL - 100 Woodgate Drive

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Streatham Planning Forum



Streatham Action and Streatham Society are working together to consider…

How can we strengthen public participation in planning? 

What do we want our future Streatham to look like? 


People don’t feel they have a proper voice in the future of planning in Streatham. 


Developments are proving controversial, provoking intense opposition about affordability, design, density, and effects on local communities. 


People feel frustrated by planning policy, shut out by a complex, opaque and technical planning system which is difficult to understand and participate in, and with an apparent imbalance of power dominated by developers. 


Streatham needs to build more housing for everyone - especially affordable and social housing, and we must to address growing homelessness.  


We need well designed housing and homes that cater for individuals, specialist needs, families, the young and older age groups, as well as providing space for communities to thrive. 


How can we tackle these issues in Streatham – including preserving our high street and businesses, better amenities, good infrastructure, environment challenges, conserving our heritage? 

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