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Craft Forward

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Craft Forward’s series of four knitting and crochet workshops, running until July 2024 at Streatham Library Hall, will support Craft Forward’s yearly initiative Blankets for London, where they assemble knitted and crocheted blankets for people experiencing homelessness across the city, with a special focus on Lambeth.

These relaxed knitting workshops help to bring residents together suffering from loneliness, mental health issues and a lack of communal engagement, fostering community while creating a supportive environment.

Established in 2021, Craft Forward is a non-profit that provides accessible, creative, experiences suitable for everyone, regardless of their skills and background.


Prioritising Social Impact

Creating positive social impact is embedded in all our activities, and is at the core of everything we do. 


Everyone is Welcome

We overcome all barriers to arts and crafts through being a consistent, welcoming, supportive, accessible, inclusive and immersive community.


Connection & Community

We create experiences where our people can feel comfortable to create and connect with their work and others.


Small Steps to Big Change

We are dedicated to tackling social issues with consistent smaller actions from many people.  

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