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Welcome to the Streatham Action website. Streatham Action is a local community forum established to give a voice to residents and improve life, work and play in the area. We do this by supporting and working with local groups, residents and businesses to turn good ideas into reality, as well as providing opportunities for discussion on issues affecting the local area and sharing information across Streatham’s communities. It's a place for residents and local groups - like neighbourhood watches, residents associations, action groups, forums and individual campaigners  - to share ideas, news and get their voices heard. And it's a focus to urge local service providers to do what we want, not what they think we want.

The forum is a volunteer led organisation that is part of the Lambeth Forum Network and receives some funding from Lambeth Council. As well as using this to help run the organisation we provide grant opportunities to Streatham community groups and projects to fund activity that will benefit local people.

If you are interested in learning more about the work of the organisation or potentially joining us through general volunteering or becoming a Committee Member, please contact Streatham Action on 

Streatham action aims to connect the people of Streatham with the various civic interest groups and networks so that they can take action as individuals, and as a whole, to make Streatham a better place to live.

What people are saying about bringing Crossrail2 to Streatham

The transport situation is so bad that I'm considering moving. Even when leaving early I'm often late to work, stressed from being so squashed on the trains. Also getting home after a long day at work, it's so frustrating to see so many trains cancelled.
Everything. I have recently started cycling to work as it is quicker and more reliable. The problem is that trains from Streatham Common to either London Bridge (which is incredibly slow) or Victoria are incredibly unreliable and increasingly over crowded. I now often have to wait for one or two trains to pass before I can get on. It takes about 25 minutes to walk to Balham. A train should be faster but it is often slower. This gives access tot he northern line which is infinitely more effective. Tooting is a completely pointless and thoughtless place to take Crossrail 2. It already benefits from the northern line. Which is a highly reliable and effective tube line. Over crowding at the tooting stations is not a problem. Tooting as an area has already risen significantly. It has a strong high street and alot of prosperity. Streatham Common / Streatham should have these things too but has been neglected. A proper and improved transport system would bring much needed life to the area and generate more jobs, growth and sustainability. Which equals less government handouts for the area!
I think bringing Crossrail 2 to Streatham would not only mean a real uplift to the area but it would help all of us to get into the city centre in less time. A lot of young couples and families have moved to streatham in the past years and are now having to commute in from there. Connecting Streatham is so important if you think it is between Brixton, Balham and Tooting and not connected at all a part from Streatham Hill and Common into Victoria. Streatham station only goes into London Bridge and it would be very beneficial to connect this part of the world. Balham is connected with a tube and train and doesn't necessarily need the crossrail?