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Welcome to the Streatham Action website. Streatham Action is a local community forum established to give a voice to residents and improve life, work and play in the area. We do this by supporting and working with local groups, residents and businesses to turn good ideas into reality, as well as providing opportunities for discussion on issues affecting the local area and sharing information across Streatham’s communities. It's a place for residents and local groups - like neighbourhood watches, residents associations, action groups, forums and individual campaigners  - to share ideas, news and get their voices heard. And it's a focus to urge local service providers to do what we want, not what they think we want.

The forum is a volunteer led organisation that is part of the Lambeth Forum Network and receives some funding from Lambeth Council. As well as using this to help run the organisation we provide grant opportunities to Streatham community groups and projects to fund activity that will benefit local people.

If you are interested in learning more about the work of the organisation or potentially joining us through general volunteering or becoming a Committee Member, please contact Streatham Action on 

Streatham action aims to connect the people of Streatham with the various civic interest groups and networks so that they can take action as individuals, and as a whole, to make Streatham a better place to live.

What people are saying about bringing Crossrail2 to Streatham

Streatham Common needs improved transport links... - we do not have the tube - buses are slow, crowded and irregular - Southern rail are absolutely failing the community of Streatham Common. Peak services are over crowded to the point of being dangerous. It is exceptionally stressful to try and use these services. Off peak services are often cancel so you cannot rely on these services being available. I have been stranded and had to take a taxi several times due to this. Crossrail2 would mean we could access central London so much more easily. It would make a big difference to the commute and lives of the people of Streatham and would make the area as a whole much more desirable to live in.


To be able to cope with its growing population and given that Streatham is a prime area for young professionals to buy in (ranking above Tooting and Balham): transport in Streatham MUST be improved. Firstly existing rail services must be made to run properly. Currently the service from all 3 stations is appallingly bad. The number of complaints from aggrieved passengers simply does not match any remedial action being taken (if indeed there is any being taken at all- I have seen no evidence that it is). Secondly we need new infrastructure to give commuters alternative routes into central London to ease congestion on the existing -wholly unreliable - train services and the overcrowded buses running up and down the A23 to try to meet demand from the Streatham population to get on to a reliable train network i.e.The Tube. It's obvious what needs to change- we need CR2. I despair that no action is in fact being taken by the relevant authorities to make any improvements whatsoever.
Streatham is a transport blackspot served by unreliable congested rail services and equally congested and slow bus transport. It is also a rapidly growing inner suburb of London with considerable potential for further development. Bringing Crossrail 2 to Streatham would dramatically improve the transport provision for the area and unlock the considerable potential the locality provides: 1. Moving journeys to quality and reliable rail services will reduce the current over-reliance on bus and car traffic 2. There is potential to reuse the existing Wimbledon to Streatham rail route which could bring multiple benefits including (a) minimising the extensive disruption to Wimbledon town centre currently proposed by crossrail 2 (b) provide for a cheaper overall solution by keeping more of the route overground (c) relieve the Thameslink corridor by terminating more trains in Blackfriars as originally proposed by that programme without compromising the transport provision to Streatham 3. There are significant railway lands between Streatham and Streatham Common stations - an underground Crossrail 2 station straddling both stations (like that proposed for Euston/KingsX) could maximise the cost effective use of these lands, and provide a link for outbound journeys south to Gatwick and Brighton (relieving Clapham Junction in the process). A multistory park and ride facility is also possible here with considerable potential to relieve the A23. 4. The area around the current Streatham station has also significant space for further development, e.g. the former Morrisons store and the legacy government office buildings housing the Jobcentre plus.